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Valder Beebe, Radio & TV Host, News Director & Author

CLICK HERE Broadcast Outlets LINK: Listeners can hear the show’s podcast at soundcloud.com/valderbeebeshow or view satellite video interviews via valderbeebeshow.com   youtube.com/valderbeebeshow

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Effective February 1, 2018, 411RadioNetwork announces the Valder Beebe Show based in Dallas, Texas is added to our on-demand video and audio broadcast line-up.

The Valder Beebe Show is unique and broadcasting as multiple shows: The Valder Beebe Show; That Celebrity Interview; God Talk and The Food IQ Girls.  The shows are produced in a 10 Minute broadcast format as live broadcast, PODCASTs and available as video and audio on-demand. Award winning Dallas-based radio talk-show host Valder Beebe invites guests to discuss topics, in-studio, via phone across the world and by satellite (video) for the broadcast entertainment. The shows topics are often entertaining, controversial, sensational and/or life changing.

A few recent guests on the Valder Beebe Show includes;

Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for Soul)

Mary, Mary

Dr. Louis Gates (PBS)

Tyler Perry

Don Miguel Ruiz

Gabriel Union


Tia  & Tamara Mowry…….and  more 

Audience can click on video on demand and view satellite videos of these celebrities.   CLICK HERE ValderBeebeShow.com for more videos.

 Contact: P. Ross 972-504-6773


 Press Contact: Erika Anderson 469-263-5412            Advertising/Marketing: Patricia Ross 972-504-6773

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