ADVERTISE WITH 411 Radio Network

There are many advertising opportunities offered with 411 Radio Network including; on-air, online and on location. No matter what your advertising needs are, we can most likely provide them. Click Here to review our media kit for our network stats, demographics, and costs. 

Commercial Spots

You have the opportunity to create 30 second and/or 60 second commercial spots to be aired during any or all of our programming across all of our stations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can submit your own commercials or have our team create them for you. Then choose when to air your commercials - during particular days, specific shows, or spaced out equally throughout your campaign. Click Here to review our media kit for more information and costs. 

Online Banner Ads

In addition to commercial spots, to increase your business visibility, have an online banner posted to our website. We offer standard leaderboard (90h x 728w pixels) and medium rectangle (250h x 300w pixels) ads, as well as sidebar ads (85h x 275w pixels). With top of the line visitor analytics, advertising on 411 Radio Network is a great addition to your advertising campaign or may be used as a stand alone campaign. Click Here to review our media kit for our online banner ad options. 


As our programming grows, you'll have the opportunity to align your business with shows that fit your target audience. Contact us to find out how you can become the primary sponsor of a 411 Radio Network show or specific block of time. Click Here to review our media kit for sponsorship costs. 

Live Remotes

We enjoy the opportunity to provide on-location live remotes for businesses and events. If you would like to bring 411 Radio Network to your business or event, please contact us and we will customize a remote package to meet your needs. Click Here to review our media kit for our remote package costs. 

Have additional questions or need a copy of our media kit? Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Internet Talk Radio is growing exponentially. Recent figures show that 160 million US Internet users now listen to online radio regularly. Millions more listen around the world.  411 Radio offers this fast growing Internet audience high quality talk programming. We're a true Professional Podcast Platform, where outstanding hosts present quality spoken word shows to a growing audience of loyal listeners.  

If you've ever visited an amateur blog talk site or vanity talk show site, we think you'll find that 411 Radio is goint to give you the MOST... so you can Receive what you've been missing. Our rapid growth is the result of our commitment to top quality sound, talented hosts, advanced technology, and intelligent site design, and us promoting your show as well as your business. 

Interested in Joining Us?

We're always searching for new hosts who have a passion for doing their shows. 411 Radio provides a full array of services: advanced web streaming technology,  mobile apps for all platforms, a podcast library of your shows for on-demand listening, and much more. We include complete marketing, advertising and sales support, along with proven brand imaging and the professional look and sound that's so important in today's multimedia world.  It's the attention to detail that sets 411 Radio apart. Our established network will help you reach a national audience of listeners.

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